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Prizes are divided as follows:


THEME #01 – “Street Photography”

  • 1st place: € 100 + Think Tank Photo Prize (value $ 199,75) + medal
  • 2nd place: medal
  • 3rd place: medal
  • 4th place: medal
  • 5th place: medal

THEME #02 – “Nature”

  • 1st place: € 100 + Think Tank Photo Prize (value $ 119,99) + medal
  • 2nd place: medal
  • 3rd place: medal
  • 4th place: medal
  • 5th place: medal

THEME #03 – “Sports”

  • 1st place: € 100 + Think Tank Photo Prize (value $ 164,75) + medal
  • 2nd place: medal
  • 3rd place: medal
  • 4th place: medal
  • 5th place: medal




Prizes will be awarded as purchase options on major international online shops (purchase value expendable on Amazon, Pixmania, Redcoon, and any other online store offering gift certificates or vouchers), net of tax.


» Offered by our partner Think Tank Photo


» Offered by our partner Figosa


» Offered by our partner Zavičajni muzej Poreštine (Poreč Museum), Istria (Croatia)

  • Three ranked projects from the “Projects & Portfolios” section – the Winner and two projects selected directly by the curators of the museum – will be displayed in Zavičajni muzej Poreštine, in Porec, Istria (Croatia), from July 21st to August 31st 2016 (forty days during tourist peak averaging 120,000 people in the summer time). Moreover, the Museum will release an official certificate of exhibition.


» Exhibits around the world

The best ranked pictures (usually, 30% of the total ranked photos) could be selected for “travelling” exhibitions around the world. Confirmed venues:
Poland: Alchemia Klub, Konfederacka 4, Pierwszy Lokal, in Krakow, W Gruncie Rzeczy and Relax Cafè, in Warsaw.
Hungary: Szomszéd Bar in Budapest.


» Offered by our partner Street Photography Magazine

  • Street Photography Magazine will provide 1 free 1-year subscription to the web version of the magazine to all winners. For a total of 23 subscriptions. Value 23,88 USD each.


» Offered by our partner ViEWORLD – B&W Photomag

  • ViEWORLD editions in PDF (sets of 6 issues each): each of the finalists of both sections (3 overall Winners and 12-first three places that each section and theme have) will receive all editions of Vieworld B&W Photo Magazine in PDF for free. Value 15.00 USD each.



» Offered by our partner DNG Photo Magazine

  • DNG Photo Magazine will publish the 23 winning photos on DNG magazine. In addition to this visibility Photo DNG will give 1-year subscription to all 23 winners and 6 month subscription to their magazine in tablets/smartphones Apps to all participants.


» Offered by our partner APF Magazine

  • APF Magazine will publish interviews of the first 5 Portfolios, top 3 absolute winners and the top 3 first positions of each theme (street, nature, sports). For the same will be provided 1-year subscription to everyone.


» Offered by our partner Street Photography Magazine

  • Street Photography Magazine will publish the photos of the first place winners in each category in a special edition of the magazine. SPM will also interview the first place winner of the Street Photography category and make him the featured photographer of the month in the first issue following the announcement of the contest winners. August or Spetember 2016 (this is dependent upon SPM being able to secure an interview with the winner in enough time to meet publishing deadline for that issue. Otherwise SPM will run the interview in the next issue following the completion of the interview.


» Offered by our partner ViEWORLD – B&W Photomag

  • Only B&W winning pictures and portfolios will be published by ViEWORLD magazine if there are any ranked as overall Winners and within the first three places of each section. The same for the Projects & Portfolio section: only B&W portfolios will be published among the first three places. This B&W choice is due to the policy of ViEWORLD Photomag. Prizes will be as follows:
    – Pubblication of winning pictures on ViEWORLD after the announcement of the results (mid July):
    – ViEWORLD will present photos of maximum 12 finalists from the three themes: Street / Nature/ Sports (overall Winners and the first 3 places of each section)
    – ViEWORLD will present photos maximum 3 finalists from the category “Projects & Portfolios”
    – ViEWORLD will choose up to 5 photographers from the category “Projects & Portfolios” and will present them in the future issues of the magazine.


» Offered by our partner Lounge Magazyn

  • Lounge Magazyn will publish photos of winners (3 pics) and 1 portfolio of their choice.


» Offered by our partner

  • Winning pictures will be published on as a picture gallery and commentary. Best works within Themed Pictures section and Projects&Portfolios section can also be selected by to perform an intervew or to get the gallery of the work.


» URBAN 2016 Catalogue

  • The best ranked pictures will be published on URBAN 2016 catalogue, avaible as ebook and print on demand.


» URBAN Website

  • A large selection of the ranked pictures will be published on the gallery page of this website.

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